Japan to expand support in fisheries.


JAPAN says it looks forward to expanding its support in the sector of fisheries in Solomon Islands.

Its ambassador, Miwa Yoshiaki, highlighted this at a fisheries seminar in Honiara last week.

Yoshiaki said during his reign here, his office will be looking at enhancing and integrating development in the areas of Fisheries, Agriculture and Forestry.

“On the fishery scope it is narrowed on the coastline but now I am expanding it to the blue sea and so, the Blue economy is very important,” Yoshiaki said.

“Hence on the view point of our diplomacy blue economy is very important, it also means that we regard marine, maritime resources and marine activities international commodities,” he added.

“So we sincerely hope our cooperation will start and grow in this particular area.”

Director of Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Edward Honiwala said the cooperation between Japan and Solomon Islands in the Fisheries Sector started in 1970s, mainly in Tuna fisheries.

Honiwala said recently Japan through its organisations like Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation of Japan (OFCF), have engage with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources on community-based Fisheries Resources Management, Research and Livelihood support programs.

“Under this program, we work in partnership with communities to sustainably develop and manage their coastal marine resources,” he said.

Honiwala adds that coastal fisheries is vital to the people of the Solomon Islands because about 80 percent of our population rely on marine resources for food security and other social and economic benefits.

“The ministry wants to see this partnership and cooperation, contributes significantly to the development of the Fisheries sector in the country, as well as supporting our communities in food security and their livelihood,” he said.


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