Investigations of nurses selling drug launched: Larui


INVESTIGATIONS on nurses selling drugs is in progress, says National Director of Nursing, Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), Michael Larui.

Mr Larui said the investigation was launched soon after a nurse advisory group met two weeks ago.

This is because this matter was also one topics of discussion, they have exchanged words about.

“So what they initiated is, number one we prepared a memo /circular to go to all the rural health clinics and the health centers about this and investigations is now started.

“So, we have begun our investigations, at this time I don’t have any update of the investigation,” he said.

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health and Medical Services Pauline McNeil has said selling of drugs procured and donated by the government and other donors is illegal.

“The selling o it is illegal because we actually distribute those drugs equally and equitably across all health facilities.

“Now the challenge with us, is that we don’t have the evidence, people don’t come forward with the evidence so it is difficult for us to take actions, not until we have those evidence to say that person XYZ is doing this then we can have some established facts around it but we don’t have. Probably people are scared to come forward.

“So, am also urging the public that if you have information about this selling of drugs, please come forward too so that we have other documentation and the establishment of the fact, so that we can also follow through,” McNeil said.    

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