‘Huge number of children victims of all forms of violence’


THE visiting UN Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) on Violence against Children, Dr Najat Maalla M’jid says huge numbers of children are victims of different forms of violence.

M’jid echoed the above sentiment during a press conference with the local media personals last week.

“The key challenges and the key progress made in terms of eliminating violence against children were shared by all key stakeholders.

“During my visit I discovered that huge number of children are victims of various forms of violence it is almost around 37 percent of children were affected, it is huge and cannot be justified by the lack of services and cannot be acceptable in the cultural norms,” she said.

M’jid adds the problem here is Solomon Islands is facing many challenges, at the same time you have a problem to access basic services that affecting a lot of people including children.

“You have the problem with the climate crisis and natural disaster that is impacting everyone and you have the problem of the budget constraints and debts,” she said.

Minister for Women Youth Children and Family Affairs Freda T. Rangirei said her ministry will ensure all line ministries that connected with the Ministry of Women Youth Children and Family Affairs will need to put more efforts to ensure that children of Solomon Islands are protected.

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