GSD continues to monitor aftershocks


THE Geological Survey Division (GSD) continues to monitor the current aftershocks and issue appropriate technical updates to other government early warning agencies.

That is according to the National Disaster Council, situational report number-two released earlier this week.

The report stressed that GSD also works to identify and closely monitor with interest the earthquake north of Honiara, between Guadalcanal and Savo.

“For the first time, the country has just recorded seismic activities (earthquakes) in the area. This only happened after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake on SW Guadalcanal. To this date, more than 10 earthquakes occurred around on the area,” the report said.

It adds, Solomon Islands Meteorological Services (SIMS) continues to monitor aftershocks in collaboration with Geological Survey division and issues tsunami related products as appropriate.

Further to that the New Zealand Ministry of foreign affairs financially support logistics, Fuel, ration for assessment team, accommodation for assessment team including stationaries and EOC support.

Also, the Government through the N-DOC Sector Committees and P-POC Sector committees (Guadalcanal Provinces) supported respective response through human resources mobilizations

The Australian Government through the RSIPF & AFP Policing Partnership Programme (RAPPP) has supported and enables the Initial Situational overview on the 22 November 2022.UNJPO conducted the first N-DOC and Development Partners Donor Coordination Meeting on Friday 25th November 2022 the statement said.

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