Doctor repeats call for his daughters’ return


Dr Jack Siwainao has repeated the call for the return of his daughters.

He thanks those who have helped him so far in making necessary contacts following his desperate call for their return.

“After the call for the return of my daughters, contacts have been made, I was contacted by some doctors from PNG and they made contacts on my behalf to the PNG immigration.

“Also undersecretary from the ministry of health, Dr Nemia Bainivalu also contacted the ministry of foreign affairs would liaise with the PNG government for the return of my daughters.

“Few days ago I have been contacted by one of my friend doctors and classmate in PNG, she gave me the contacts from National Family and Child Protection office in Port Moresby, PNG.

“So I emailed one of the doctors that represented National Doctors Association PNG and made contacts with the PNG Prime Minister.

“I was asked to write a letter to the Chief Migration Officer PNG which I made earlier last week. They said they will investigate and locate where my daughters are. Since then I haven’t heard from them yet.

“There is no reply on what has been done, where they are up to.

“I also forwarded my request and my documents to the National Family and Child Protection office in Port Moresby.

“I also copied them in an email to the Chief Migration Officer PNG. Since then I have not received any reply. Maybe next week I should get an update on where they up to.

“I think if you are a father if you put yourself in my shoes, you will know how I feel.

“I think it’s more than 70 days I have been like this, I am worried about my children because I have not heard from them.

“When their mother was alive we usually made contacts usually every Saturdays 4pm. I usually talked to my kids, this is their home.

“My children know their house, when I talked to them, they are attached to this house. ‘Daddy I want to come to our house’, My big daughter Mercy would say.”

Siwainao said he had built a nine-bedroom house here and the future of his daughters is here in the Solomon Islands.

“This is a very big house.

“I have built nine-bedroom house, I really want my children to come back and inherit what I worked for.

“I built two houses in Malaita province in my father’s village, and there was also another house also in a new location on holidays me and my children we often go there on holidays.

“We climb up the mountain, enjoy the view looking at Marau Sound, Guadalcanal, seeing Makira Province looking into the river.

“It’s a million-dollar view location and my children they know.

“Right under this house I am building a new clinic, a delivery suite and a pharmacy here and my big daughter Mercy knows that I am planning to build a women’s hospital, this is the beginning of it, hopefully next year we will kick it off.

“This is the future of my children. My children living PNG they don’t have a house living in Port Moresby they don’t have a house at Kairugu in Bereina Central Province where their mother comes from.

“They are floating. Their inheritance and possessions are here in Solomon Islands, and their mother knew very well what I have been building for them, that was why in January when I talked to her for the last time about our kids she said that if anything happens to her she asked me to go and take back the kids.

“Maybe those looking after our children now, or who are holding on to our children, they don’t know what my children have here in the Solomon Islands, being working as a doctor for the past 15 years, I worked hard for the future of my children, I want to give my children what my parents didn’t give me.

“I wanted to give them the best life possible, I really loved my children, we fathers we don’t show our love, we fathers we show how we loved our children by sacrificing for their future.

“Everything I have worked for, my National Provident Fund, my accounts are just for my two daughters, if anything happens to me, I know my children will have a good future and a better life.

“For the past six days I have not heard from them, I am really desperate to know if my daughters are coming soon and I am hopeful.

“On Monday after I made my call. I had a call from one of my classmates whom we went to medical school together in PNG doing undergraduate studies and masters.

“He is now a national member of PNG parliament, he told me that when he read my story he cried.

“He said he really sympathize with me, knowing that I served in PNG and moreover, being a dad of two daughters he was deeply moved by my story.

“After I made the call, that was the first time I have slept with a smile, all this time for the past two and half months I don’t sleep well at nights.

“I had respect for their mother’s family that I waited this long, I waited for those who are keeping my children to make contacts with me so that we can discuss the future of my children but nothing was forthcoming.

“That was why I made the call. I called upon the authorities of PNG, Solomon Islands High Commission Office in PNG, I want them to do something quickly as possible to return my children in the next one week.

“I have not received any letter from the government of Solomon Islands, I called for the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, our Attorney General John Muria Jr to be involved in the return of my children.

“I have not heard any words from our government. The Government is silent about my daughters.”

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