Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT) coalition 100 Day policy draft completed


The Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT) coalition has achieved a significant milestone by finalizing its draft-form inaugural 100-Day policy framework.

This crucial document is now set for presentation to both the Caucus and Cabinet for further deliberation and approval.

This was confirmed to Island Sun on Monday this week by the Secretary of the major party within the current coalition.

This framework represents a collaborative effort among the three constituent ruling parties to delineate key policy objectives.

Comprised of representatives from the People First Party, Kadere Party, and OUR Party, officials have diligently assembled a comprehensive framework that will guide the GNUT coalition’s endeavours during its initial 100 days in office.

Encompassing a spectrum of critical sectors including health, education, agriculture, finance, fisheries, and infrastructure, this framework aims to prioritize actionable and achievable initiatives for the nation’s advancement.

The policy aims at emphasizing feasibility and practicality within the designated timeframe, GNUT officials are dedicated to ensuring the framework’s viability.

The coalition remains unwavering in its commitment to effecting efficient policy implementation in pursuit of national unity, transformative progress, economic empowerment, rural development, and sustained peace.

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