‘Get your jab before it’s too late’

Joseph Hiele who advocates for people to get their vaccination.
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A 61-year-old who braved false rumours about COVID-19 vaccination has spoken out saying getting the jab was the wisest decision he ever made.

In an interview with Island Sun Gizo, Joseph Hiele, a popular betel nut vendor in Gizo said people should not be afraid of getting the jab but make a wise decision to protect their families and relatives.

“I was quite reluctant to get the vaccine as there were lots of misinformation. But after reading the news about the importance of getting vaccinated, I decided to get mine.

“One thing that I’ve learned from regional and international is that; those are not vaccinated are the ones suffered the most or even died.

“This is a clear message to us that we must go and get vaccinated,” he said.

Hiele said the importance of the vaccine outweigh the false information circulated in the public that force people not to get vaccinated.

He said many information circulating in the public are not true, that responsible authorities should find who is responsible for spreading such false informations.

“Let me tell what I’ve felt before and after I got my first jab. I was worried because of the misinformation at first. But I promise myself that it is a nobble act to get the vaccine than to risk my family and relative.

“After I took the vaccine, I felt sick but according to the doctor’s the experience is normal as the body reacts to the medicine while improving my immune system.

“After few days, I got better and now I’m a proud 60 year old man with improve immune system in my body,” Hiele said.

When asked about any advice to the public, he said “get your jabs before it’s too late”.

Hiele adds that people must have a good meal before and after vaccination.