Defence lawyer needs time to see client


THE defence lawyer representing an accused facing four charges of sexual offences has sought more time to see his client for instruction.

Ben Alasia of the Public Solicitor’s Office told the court yesterday that the matter was for plea but since other disclosures in relation to the other counts having just been provided with the disclosures, he needs time.

Mr Alasia said adjourning to Friday this week will be convenient for the defence.

This is the case of a 69-year-old man who is alleged of sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl.

The allegation said that the old-man was charged in relation to the incident which occurred on February 16 of this year at one of the squatters in Honiara.

He was arrested in May and was remanded in custody.

The prosecution also told the court yesterday that looking at the nature of the offence committed to very young children, the crown’s position is to have the case committed to the High Court for trial.

The case then adjourned to this Friday for plea and also for indication of the form of preliminary inquiry to be conducted on the case.

Rajah Abe of the Office of the Director Public Prosecution appears for the crown while Ben Alasia of the Public Solicitor’s Office is representing the accused.

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