Man dies in fatal accident at Dala



MAN has died at Kilu’ufi hospital on Saturday as a result of a fatal accident at Dala area in West Kwara’ae on Friday night.

A witness told this paper that the accident happened on Friday night where four men were brought to the hospital, one later died.

The person said the truck involved in the accident was a three-tonne truck owned by Harbour Light shop in Auki.

The witness said the truck was fully loaded with cargo and was on its way down the north road during that night on business purpose as they use to trade with shops down that area.

The person said the truck passed Dala area and when climbing up a hill going up to Forcim Market area, it encountered mechanical problem and the engine died.

The witness said after then the truck started to slide uncontrollably down the hill.

The person said some men who believed to be crews of the truck were at the back with the cargoes.

The witness said when the truck kept sliding, the crews leapt in an attempt to escape accident, and unfortunately they injured themselves.

The person said shortly after that four men were brought to Kilu’ufi hospital and one of them died the next day.

The witness said the other three are now recovering.

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