Dala School lauds reforestation programme



Head of Agriculture Department of Dala Catholic Secondary School, Mr Henry Gwao standing with one of the mahogany tree planted in the school under the
School Reforestation programme.

ST John Dala Catholic Secondary School has applauded the reforestation office in Auki for the school’s reforestation programme.

Head of Agriculture Department of Dala School, Mr Henry Gwao made the statement describing it as an important programme which needs to be taught in schools.

He said around mid this year staffs from the reforestation office came and introduced the programme at the school.

Gwao said during the programme awareness was conducted for students and more than 70 mahogany trees were planted on the boundary of the school.

He said there’s no specific subject for the programme in the school, however his department took up responsibility on the programme in the school.

Gwao said students continue to learn on the importance of the programme to ensure they grow up with the knowledge.

He stressed that having the knowledge is important for their future to do right decisions to protect their forests

Also it will give them opportunity to decide change to the current trend of logging as it continues to harvest the country’s forest with no reforestation initiative.

Gwao said in school his students continue to learn on the programme as they keep monitoring the trees planted in the school.

He said the trees also useful for the school as they may process into timbers and build the school with in future times.

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