Call to remove the interim CEO of the HCC education

DEAR EDITOR, this is to voice out my call for the removal of the current interim CEO of the HCC Education authority for his incompetency to perform to expectation in office, as well as high tendency in conflict of interest witnessed with regards to the current teachers’ posting 2018.

Many of us teachers of HCC last year have questioned the procedures carried out by the ministry of education to appoint the interim CEO for the HCC.

The procedure states that such appointment process should be carried out by the HCC to the MEHRD before the public service commission endorses such appointment.

Thus, the direct intervention of the ministry of education to bypass procedures and to install their officer during a suspension period of the suspended CEO needs clarification.

Such illegitimate move just demonstrates the unconventional decisions by the ministry of education to prematurely terminate someone without formal procedures.

It is understandable that the principal education officer (PEO) is the next in line to be the acting CEO while such case is still pending investigation during this suspension period.

It is very evidential that the interim CEO has wittingly indulged in corruption, cronyism and nepotism with the current posting.

The procedures for selection of new teachers, promotion and parallel transfers were obviously twisted and corrupted.

In addition, the procedures of posting teachers did not align well with their current status.

Many teachers who were still to be confirmed were either side lined or posted out to other schools.

Other teachers were also demoted with no justifiable reasons and others also were unplaced and now floated around.

These issues if not sorted out can have legal issues attached to fire the authority or the person implicated.

In the Teaching service handbook (December 2011) in Chapters 4.5.2 it states that all advertisements shall be published and publicly posted for at least two (2) weeks prior to the closure of application.

4.5.4 the Education Authority shall take into account the applicant’s qualification, experience, motivation, specific skills, mother tongue, the local environment of the school and community (eg housing and specific needs of school and school committee) and other factors which the Education Authority may think relevant.

The Education Authority should not discriminate on grounds of age, gender or ethnicity.

4.5.6 The Education Authority has to organise interviews for the short-listed candidates who have applied for teaching posts at its school/s.

The time and venue for the interviews are to be fixed by the Education Authority which must ensure that the applicants are timely notified.

Such action was not taken prior to vacant posts that should be made available to the public. Instead the new interim CEO handpicked his wantoks and cronies – the act of nepotism and cronyism to influence the decision and to perform the special favour to appoint such people known to him to leadership posts.

Thus, he also displays discrimination and manipulates the teachers’ posting for the HCC education authority this year for his own interest.

Teachers no longer have the confidence and the trust in the execution of duties shown by this current interim CEO, the worse so far known.

In office for just two months only but have been lured by money, cronyism and nepotism by certain individuals to hijack and lowjack leadership posts.

I call on the HCC education board to remove this person before he destroys the reputation of the HCC education authority office.

Thank you.


KZ Jango

Concerned teacher

Honiara City Council Education Authority

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