SI Community in Wellington acknowledged for their participation at the Pasifika Festival

THE Solomon Islands High Commissioner to New Zealand, Her Excellency, Mrs Joy Kere acknowledge the Solomon Islands community in Wellington for their participation at the Annual Pasifika Festival organized by the Wellington City Council on Saturday January 20, 2018.

The Solomon Islands community joined other Pasifika communities in Wellington and put on an incredible performance.

The community sung two famous Solomon Islands folksongs, “wakabaoti lo China town” and “no matai u lafu lo mi” which drew other members of the public who knew the songs to singalong.

The community also perform two cultural items.

During the performance, it was pleasing to see young members (children) in the community took part.

Apart from the performance, the Solomon Islands community display cultural artifacts of Solomon Islands and brochures about the country.

Visitors who flocked into the Solomon Islands community stall were impressed with the displays as it promotes Solomon Islands.

High Commissioner Kere was pleased with the support shown by the Solomon Islands community in Wellington for their active participation and engagement in the event.

“Such event promotes Solomon Islands in New Zealand and shows that Solomon Islands is also a member of the Pasifika community like any other Pacific Island countries and its people in New Zealand,” said High Commissioner Kere.

The event provides an opportunity for Solomon Islands to share and show with others its identity, tradition and culture through songs and dance.

The High Commissioner encourage the Solomon Islands community in Wellington as well as other Solomon Islands communities in other parts of New Zealand to continue to work together to promote Solomon Islands identity, culture and tradition through such events and to make Solomon Islands presence known and felt among other Pasifika communities and ethnic groups in New Zealand.

By Cornelius Walegerea

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