Clarifying one sided media report on our father

DEAR EDITOR, we the family of Mr Francis Chow would like to present this press statement to clarify some issues relating to two news articles released by the Police Media Unit in recent days, with regards to the recent incident in the Western Province.

We would like to call in to question the Royal Solomon Islands Police Media Units’ ability to report stories with fairness and transparency when reporting on this incident. We can confirm that some of these reports that have been published in the local media are false and bring us to question the Police Media Units’ credibility on reporting to the media and allowing information to be published that is fair and accurate.

We would like to clarify that despite sworn statements at their disposal, the Police Media Unit has misled the public in their news releases by being completely biased against our father, Francis Chow.

We would have it be known that

  • In the case of the physical harm that came to the victim, compensation has been paid.
  • The Royal Solomon Islands Police Media Unit continue to bring their onesided views of the incident to the media limelight with no new information and are turning it into a circus while the case is now before the court.

We would also like for it to be known that the said “assaulted victim” was not without blame. His actions thus created a “breach of peace” and resulting retaliation could argumentatively be described as provoked or even be in defence.

  • Mr Kikidi tried to deny LC Nusatupe from landing by placing rocks on the ramp.
  • Mr Kikidi (the said assaulted victim) entered our landing craft (LC Nusatupe) uninvited with a weapon (rock). This is comparable to someone entering your home without permission.
  • Mr Kikidi entered the landing craft without authorization threatening to damage parts and equipment of the vessel.
  • Mr Kikidi approached Francis Chow in an aggressive manner, screaming and swearing and threatening to physically hurt him.

At this stage, we are co-operating with the process of the courts and have resigned to allowing them to deliberate and investigate the facts and objectively come to their decision on the outcome of the matter. We would also like to acknowledge Mr Kikidi’s families who have been maintaining the peace as we await the ruling of the court.

At this juncture, we would like to “call out” the Police Commissioner to ensure that information provided to the public from his Media Unit be unbiased, accurate and factually transparent.

To conclude our press statement, Police reports have placed emphasis on the age of Mr Kikidi, possibly to earn sympathy towards the said “assaulted victim”, for perspectives’ sake, our father Francis Chow is 67 years old.

Eric Chow


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