Authorities urged to track down passengers


COMMUNITIES in South Choiseul, are calling on Taro police and the Health and Medical Authority to track down passengers who returned to their homes after boarding ships that were detained at Taro.

In an interview with Island Sun Gizo, community member, Chris Podokolo said people are concerned that few passengers who boarded one of the ships to Taro returned home after the ships were detained.

“So, what happened was, some people from our community boarded the ship when the ship passed through heading to Taro.

“When the ship was detained, these people arranged a boat and returned home in the evening.

“It is worrying that these people already boarded the vessel and are now mingling with other community members since they came back,” he said.

Podokolo said few leaders have tried their best to explain to the people about the risk associated with the people’s movement but the response was not helpful.

He said the situation is worrying and a quick response from responsible authorities is important.

“We want the police and health authorities to visit us immediately so that we can discuss possible actions that needs to be made.

“At the moment life is the village is normal, only a few people who know the seriousness of COVID-19 adhered to public and health procedures,” Podokolo said.

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