Gen X-PERT machine at Kilu’ufi not ready

Kilu'ufi hospital
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THE Gen X-PERT machine at the Kilu’ufi hospital intended for testing corona virus in the province is not yet ready for use.

Chairman of the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) for covid-19 at Kilu’ufi hospital, Director Dr Rex Maukera informed the local media about this on Thursday.

He said at the moment the machine is not yet ready and samples of suspected corona virus tests taken have to be sent to Honiara for verification.

Maukera said “we have a Gen X-PERT machine at Kilu’ufi hospital, but it will not be used yet.”

He said reason for that was the lab that holds the machine doesn’t meet the required standard and they are now working on it.

Maukera said as long as they complete the work, they will kick off testing for corona virus at Kilu’ufi hospital.

The machine was installed last year as part of ministry of health (MHMS) through the provincial health’s preparation for covid-19 in the province.