Asilaua’s camp with 20 MPAs


THE camp led by MPA for ward 11 Elijah Asilaua claims the majority of 20 out of 33 MPAs under Malaita provincial assembly as of yesterday afternoon.

Asilaua confirmed this to SunAuki saying they expect an inclusion of one more MPA to join the camp ahead of speaker’s election tomorrow.

He said his camp currently holds the majority of the assembly with 20 MPAs, and they are confident to form the next provincial government of Malaia province.

Spokesman MPA for Raroisu’u ward 21, Jerry Hite reaffirmed the number of 20 MPAs in a conversation with this paper yesterday.

“We are 20 rock solid and I’m confident we will be together till the election next week, despite the fact that lobbying is still underway,” he said.

Hite said the camp has 20 MPAs and they expect another one which will be the MPA for Sikaiana ward 33 of Malaita Outer Islands (MOI).

He said the MPA is still in Sikaiana and is expected to be in Auki either by Friday or over the weekend for the election of the premier next week.

When asked on whether the withdrawal of Daniel Suidani from contesting the premiers post could encourage MPAs to defect to their camp, he said he’s confident it won’t happen.

He said lobbying is still active and anything can happen, but they continue to consult each other even keep close surveillance on those who seem easy to defect.

Hite said similar goals and ambitions shared by MPAs at the camp believe to be the fabric for their number strength and form the next government of Malaita. 

Also, this paper yesterday witnessed the three MPAs whom one of them reported earlier this week they are still yet to join a camp had already at Asilaua’s camp.

They are MPA for ward 27, Simon Ke’ebo, MPA for ward 9, George Ganiau and MPA for ward 10, Jimmy Daoni.

Ke’ebo and Daoni were last week at the camp once led by Suidani. Another MPA that was also seen at the camp is MPA for ward 12, Henry Maenu’u, who is also at Asilaua’s camp.

While Asilaua’s camp is claiming 21 MPAs, the other camp is reportedly with only 12 MPAs. Thus, lobbying is still active and change on the numerical strengthen of the camps is likely to happen.

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