465 voters cast their votes at Tutuva polling station


PRESIDING Officer Elison Bakolo at Tutuva Polling Station expressed satisfaction with the turnout of voters yesterday.

Bakolo said Tutuva polling has 585 registered voters however, only 465 turn up to cast their votes.

He said from 6am voters queueing infront of the polling station and as long it opened, they came and cast their votes both men and women participated.

He said despite the smooth progress of the voting process, Tutuva Polling Station encountered a minor issue. Some individuals arrived only to find that their names were not on the voter list, rendering them unable to cast their votes.

However, this occurrence did not overshadow the overall positive experience of the day.

Bakolo said the polling station around 2 pm, no further voters arrived, and officials found themselves awaiting the scheduled closing time.

At 4pm yesterday witnessed by polling officers and polling agents, the ballot boxes were closed, marking the conclusion of the voting process at Tutuva Polling Station.

The high turnout of voters and the efficient operation of the polling station highlighted the community’s commitment to participating in the democratic process, Bakolo said.

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