Kukum Heights murder case adjourns


The case against a 17-year-old juvenile who was arrested for killing a 37-year-old male at Kukum Heights in March this year was further adjourned for April 30 for the accused to take his plea.

The matter was mentioned in Magistrate Court on Tuesday this week before Principal Magistrate Elma Veenah Rizzu Hilly, where prosecution updated court the file was received by their office from police on Monday this week.

Investigation is completed and the only one outstanding document yet to be obtained is the crime scene photo album. Also, the Office of Public Prosecution (DPP) is yet to allocate the file to a prosecutor.

The accused is represented by Public Solicitor George Grey and he is yet to receive disclosures.

Court suspended the matter for April 30 for Mr Grey to prepare his client for arraignment on the next mention date and DPP to allocate the file to a prosecutor and perusal disclosures to be served by close of business, Tuesday evening.

Remand warrant for the accused was extended.

Prosecution alleged that the deceased had dropped off from a taxi at Kukum Heights area and was walking towards his residence when the incident happened.

When walking towards his home, the deceased went and asked a group of boys sitting beside the road for a cigarette.

After he left the group of boys the accused who was said to be under the influence of liquor followed the deceased and assaulted him from behind causing the deceased to fall to the ground unconscious.

The boys approached and separated the accused from the deceased.

The deceased’s brother, who was at the scene, assisted by two other boys, rushed him to the hospital but was pronounced dead.

The matter was later reported to police and the accused was arre


DPP act for State and George Grey of PSO act for the accused.

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