Youth pay tribute to dead infant

Holy Cross Cathedral Parish Youth Paid tribute to the Infant found infront of the Holy Cross cathedral Lawn
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YOUTHS from the Holy Cross Cathedral Parish have paid tribute to an infant found in front of the Cathedral on Monday.

According to Police report, the infant is estimated to be about six to eight months old.

Child Protection Officer for Catholic Archdiocese Leotina said, “The church teaches the Sanctity of Life, ALL LIFE MATTERS from the womb to the tomb”.

“Therefore this action is unacceptable but the reason behind it is unknown and we send sympathy and prayers”, Ms Leotina said.

She said the past years, children have been the victim of either, rape, abuse and worse, abortion.

“Let us build a safer environment for all children and let us protect the unborn”, she said.

The site where the dead infant was found

“As Christians we should help and support each other and start looking at solving the problem rather than gossiping or assuming the causes” she said.

“Parents, Teachers, Priests, Pastors and Leaders should teach their children and youths about the importance of life because All Life Matters”. She said.

His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP also told Catholic Communication on Tuesday 6th April said,

“When I got the news I thought this involved one of our youths but thankfully not”,

However “Any youth or young woman who has pregnancy but is not willing to care or is not able to look after the baby they can come to Holy Cross and share their situation with our DMI Sisters or any of the priests here, Holy Cross is Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week”, He said.

“The Catholic is willing to look after or look for any willing family who would adopt the unwanted child”. He ended.

For some of the youths, this event is meaningful and touching that even the rain does not stop them from showing up.

A youth rep Ms Margreth Nerry who led the prayer, also shared her thoughts on this.

“A child have been neglected and was tossed like it’s nothing”

“A God given Life”,

“This is a lesson for all youths and young women to be careful and respect ourselves when it comes to relationship”. She said.

The youths put a cross, flowers and said prayers for the soul of infant and all unwanted infants in the country.

By: Tina Akwai, Catholic Communication Solomon