Young people play key role towards the SDGs


Minister Freda Tuki mention youths as key stakeholders towards achieving the SDGs and the NDS 2016—2035

MINISTER for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs says young people are key stakeholders in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Development Strategy 2016—2035.

As Solomon Islands embarks on a new set of SDGs and NDS, Minister Freda Tuki said it is important to recognise roles of young people as key stakeholders towards achieving the development goals.

She adds, importance of involving young people in the process is they are the ones who will inherit and drive the future development of Solomon Islands.

Tuki said NYP exemplifiers’ government’s commitment to prioritise and address the aspiration and wellbeing of the youths of Solomon Islands.

She said it provide a guide for the development and empowerment of youths in the country for next 14 years – similar timeframe as the recently adopted SDGs.

UNDP Solomon Islands Country Manager Ms Azusa Kubota said, “It is only with youths that we will achieve our Sustainable Development Goals without leaving anyone behind.”

She said shared objective is to empower young people and build partnership to bring about change young people seek.

Lately, country has launched the National Youth Policy 2017—2030 which set direction for Government, NGOs, civil society organizations and private sectors to address issues relate to youths.

Besides, the policy also set focus on country’s commitment on the 17 SGDs, and the National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016—2035 which youths described as key stakeholders towards achieving this.

The NYP 2017—2030 focuses on six priority policy outcome such as Education Empowerment, Economic Empowerment, Health and Wellbeing and Sustainable Development.

Furthermore, the policy includes Leadership, governance, peace building, social inclusion and citizenship and Evidence Based Approaches, Access to Information and Provincial Implementation Strategies.

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