Lawe Mothers Union head to Buala for centenary celebration



Lawe Region Mothers Union in Western Province set for a mission to travel to Isabel after they pose for a group photo after Church service at St Luke Gizo Anglican Church on Monday.

LAWE Region Mothers Union in the Western province have travelled to Jejevo Buala in Isabel province to celebrate the centenary of Mothers Union.

The 100 years Anniversary is scheduled to be celebrated beginning tomorrow to August 31.

Mothers Union group from the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM) will celebrate the 100th Anniversary under the diocese of Isabel.

About 30 participants from Kolokolo Village (Vella) Rarumana (Vonavona Lagoon) Poetete, Ranonga and Gizo traveled to Isabel province and are expected to arrive in Honiara today.

Speakign with some of the mothers, they said, “We are looking forward for this anniversary and we thank our church members, families, communities and those who support us physically and spiritually to set for a mission through Mothers Union.

“We are so excited to go to Isabel province for mission to share God’s mission with other women group.

“We are fully prepared to join the celebration because some of us who joined the group are for the first time to travel to Isabel.”

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