World Bank awards contract to TTC for Malaita road upgrade

THE Trades Transformation Company Ltd (TTC) has been awarded a significant project by the World Bank to upgrade the lower east road of Malaita Province, extending from Fosi market to Kware bridge.

Stephen Maesiola, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, confirmed this development to Island Sun yesterday, expressing optimism about the positive impact this project would bring to the region.

Maesiola highlighted that TTC secured the contract after meeting rigorous requirements set by the World Bank, demonstrating their capability to undertake this vital infrastructure project.

He also revealed that TTC is expected to commence work in Malaita Province in the near future.

However, it’s important to note that no contracts have been awarded for the central and eastern sections of the road, extending up to Atori.

These sections have significantly deteriorated due to continuous rainfall, affecting the ease of travel for vehicles.

Images shared on social media depict vehicles stuck on the muddy road, requiring local residents to employ ropes to move them onto a flat surface.

The public outcry on social media has prompted calls for swift action from the government and Member of Parliament for East Malaita, Manasseh Maelanga, to address the road conditions.

Leslie Tarzan Holosivi, the owner of TTC, shared that his team and machinery are set to travel to Auki next week, pending the availability of suitable transportation.

He explained that last week, shipping services were preoccupied with election-related activities for the upcoming year.

Holosivi assured that preparations are underway for his team to travel to Malaita and commence the much-needed upgrades to the lower east road.

The project is expected to provide a significant boost to the region’s transportation infrastructure, facilitating smoother travel and benefiting local communities and businesses.

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