Market manageress calls for new government’s action


The Market Manageress for Munda Market in Western Province Florence Rove, has raised concerns that she hopes the new government will address.

Rove highlighted that while Munda Market at Lambete has seen significant improvements, there are still crucial upgrades needed. One pressing issue is the shortage of market space to accommodate the increasing number of vendors.

“We often face a shortage of market tables, especially on Fridays when vendors flock to sell their products. We need additional tables and another market facility to cater to our vendors,” Rove explained.

Another essential requirement, according to Rove, is the restoration of the water supply. Although boreholes are available, one needs to be strengthened to ensure adequate water collection.

Lambete Market, Munda.

“In the past, we had a functional water supply, but it’s no longer operational, possibly due to damaged pipes. Nowadays, we rely on boreholes and rainwater. Restoring our water supply is crucial because water is life,” she emphasized.

Rove also expressed her support for increased female representation in Parliament, believing that women leaders would prioritize and address these needs proactively.

“I support women entering politics in this year’s election. Women understand the basic priority needs, and I believe a woman leader would recognize and address them. When women participate in decision-making, they advocate not only for themselves but for the entire community and nation,” Rove concluded.

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