Pacific Leaders unveil Cybersecurity blueprint for 2050 Vision


SECRETARY General Henry Puna of the Pacific Islands Forum announces a pivotal meeting scheduled for November in Rarotonga, where leaders will unveil an implementation plan for the 2050 Strategy.

Puna emphasizes the plan’s acknowledgment of ongoing regional efforts to tackle pressing challenges, particularly in the cyber domain.

Highlighting the collective commitment to achieving the leaders’ vision for a secure and prosperous region, Puna underscores the importance of new actions outlined in the implementation plan.

While expressing gratitude for existing support in addressing cyber challenges, he stresses the need for efficient utilization of resources.

Puna expresses pleasure in inaugurating the P4C, where donors and governments unite to discuss and align support initiatives—an exemplary model for future partnerships. He advocates for an approach ensuring long-term, sustainable success, emphasizing ongoing engagement with the Pacific Islands Forum.

Recognizing the Pacific Leaders’ interest in the cyber domain, Puna urges partners and implementing agencies to involve the Forum in their discussions.

He reveals that the Forum Chair, Cook Islands, is collaborating with members on high-priority regional interventions, including cybersecurity under ‘Pacific Partnerships for Prosperity.’

Puna calls for continued collaboration with key stakeholders to structure a cybersecurity partnership once Forum Leaders deliberate on the proposal. He invites stakeholders to stay connected with the Forum Secretariat for collective efforts in this crucial initiative.

Meanwhile Puna rallies for collaborative efforts to realize the Leaders’ vision under the 2050 Strategy, aiming for a secure, prosperous Blue Pacific Continent for all.

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