Woodford International School supports communities to flourish through art


THE Woodford International School is helping communities flourish through art.

In a social media statement, WIS said the Dreamcast Theatre and Woodford International School entered into a lease agreement for the use of HAMs Theatre building for future theatre shows, trainings and entrepreneurial endeavours.

The collaboration shares on social media that through their shows they have seen many ordinary people doing extraordinary things to overcome the struggles before them, most through laughter, some through tears, and through music.

“We show love and make truth simple through powerful imagination,” they said.

“The celebration is not only of being a growing theatre company since 2005, but to pay respect to the perseverance of everyone responsible for helping to keep Dreamcast going for those 13 years and helping us to secure a future for young artists in our beloved country.

“We are very touched and exceedingly grateful for the school’s generous support towards Dreamcast Theatre. HAMS Theatre is a great help and first step to all we seek to do to reach other young people in the country through the art we love.”

Dreamcast Theatre and Woodford International School said their priority from now until January 2019 will be to put on a new-look and feel to the space thus getting sponsors for their planned renovation/improvement work.

Dreamcast Theatre and Woodford International School said they will soon announce their first show and launching to officially open their year-long programme.

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