Pacific and Bougainville young women told to persist to become great leaders


Naomi Woyengu Executive Director for Young Women Christians Association in Port Moresby,
Papua New Guinea (PNG)

YOUNG women leaders from Pacific nations and across Bougainville who have attended the recent Bougainville Young women leaders meeting have been encouraged to ‘persist in doing good deeds to become great leaders’.

Executive Director for Young Women Christians Association in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG) Naomi Woyengu addressing the closing event encouraged the female participants that being a leader is not easy because growth comes with challenges in life.

“As young as you are being the kind of young women that you are bold step out and speak up be the kind of young person that you want to take risk and challenge yourself.

“Great people they are mean to stand out you are not mean to be in a crowd but to be great it’s not easy; if greatness was an easy thing we will see a lot of young people here.

“But the greatness of you being great is persistence if you want to become leader or become somebody you must not give up, you must push for it, fight for it.

“If you want your voice to be heard you must continue the discussion of what you have learned from the meeting to become an extraordinary young female leader,” said Woyengu.

She uttered persistence is what separates great people from ordinary people so if a person wants to be great he/she has to persist.

Jean Jano, from Eastern Highlands Family Voice, an observer of the forum stated, “I was really impressed at the leadership skills the young women portrayed, there were certainly challenges, however the young women were very confident and know that they need to speak their mind.”

The Bougainville Women’s Federation (BWF) through its Young Women’s Leadership Project hosted its forum with the theme BREAK THE SILENCE! Hear Our Voice! Held from October 23-25, 2018 at Marimari House, Arawa, Central Bougainville.

Over 150 people attended the forum, including young women from North, Central and South Bougainville, young male advocates, mentors, and guests from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Fiji.

This year also saw guests from Fiji, Solomon Islands, Voice for Change (Jiwaka), Wide Bay Conservation Association (East Pomio, ENB), YWCA (Port Moresby), Eastern Highlands Family Voice and International Foundation for Electoral Systems.

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