Women of East Choiseul Constituency equipped with multi-livelihood skills


WOMEN of East Choiseul Constituency were equipped with multi livelihood skills in a two-week workshop with the focus to empower women to become self-reliance and entrepreneurs to support their families.

The workshop was organized by Madam Emmy Sogavare and is supported by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Solomon Islands through the Constituency Development Funding (CDF) for the East Choiseul Constituency (ECC).

Constituency Development Officer for ECC presents gifts to Mr Yunghua and Mr Hao

During the training women have been taught how to sew, how to bake, they were also trained on how to do floral arrangements, how to fix their own sewing machines when machine is malfunctioned and how to die lavalavas.

Emmy Sogavare the lead organizer of the event said she salutes the women of ECC who came out willingly in number and actively participated in this first of its kind longest workshop.

“With the skills, and talent you have received I want you to move and go forward with it. Build the skills that you have received. When you go forward and you let God go with you, you will definitely achieve your dreams and goals in lives.

“I want to also highlight that women of East Choiseul, my heart is with you. From now on I encouraged you to go forward never complain just go. You may not see and receive the fruit of your hard work over night but just go. Whatever small knowledge we have impacted on you during the 2 weeks workshop please carry on from there .Use it well so you can earn money,” Sogavare said.

The sewing machines and bales of second hand clothing that were delivered to ECC women

On the same note she lauded the coordinator for EEC women Joy Madada for the courage she had and humbling herself in taking up this role.

“I know women are had to deal with because they are mothers themselves with different mindset but for ECC women I’m so happy that you all have come with one understanding to be part of this program. Thank you so much for supporting Madada,”Sogavare said.

She further adds by thanking Minister Counsellor Ding Yunghua and Attache Guo Hao from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Solomon Islands for gracing the closing program of the training.

Minister Counsellor Ding Yunghua delivers his remarks

“To Councilor Ding and Mr Hao thank you so much for being part of this event. You have seen it yourself that these women were so grateful to have you here in East Choiseul. Besides, thank you for financing this event through the CDF for East Choiseul Constituency,” Sogavare said.

She also thanked the facilitators for making time and willingly transfer the knowledge they have to East Choiseul women.

Minister Counsellor Ding Yunghua of the Embassy of PRC in Solomon Islands said his colleague and himself were so privileged to set foot on East Choiseul Constituency 

“We are so honoured to be here. As soon as I set foot on the Island I feel the unique culture of East Choiseul Constituency and feel the hospitality and friendship from you.

“ My special thanks goes to Honourble Prime Ministers and Madam Sogavare for organizing this event and bringing us all together  and for us to have the chance to meet the ladies and enjoy the hospitality and to also see the  development center for ECC,” Yunghua said.

Some of the women of ECC who were part of the event

He adds by congratulating women for successfully completing the workshop.

“I want to congratulate the ladies for successful completing your workshop. I saw the concrete outcome of the workshop, you’ve learned how to decorate the table, and you’ve learned how to make cakes. Those skills will definitely empower you, your families and communities in developing your communities’ economy.

“In China there is a saying that reads “Women can hold up half of the sky” that is why the Embassy of China, the Ambassador and we are willing to support the causes of women in this country and in this constituency by giving your sewing machines.

“We will continue to do that, this is a noble course and value this course because when women developed, the whole family developed and the country developed,” Yunghua said.

Women’s Coordinator for ECC Joy Madada said it is quite a very long time that she worked with women inside this constituency and she had seen changes happening in women of East Choiseul in terms of trainings.

“The two weeks workshop has accommodated women leaders of all four wards within the East Choiseul from Katario ward to Kiruqela ward. It is the first ever biggest workshop that we held inside our constituency center,” Madada said.

She said organizing such workshops is not but she is grateful that through awareness raised prior beginning of the workshop has make it easier to gather these women.

Mr Ding and Madam Sogavare officially hands over the sewing machines and bales of second hand clothing to Joy Madada

“Apart from that, in terms of moving these women from their home villages to come this center it requires money, but I’m am grateful for our Member of Parliament Manasseh Sogavare and  Madam Sogavare to support us financially with the support of PRC through the Constituency Development Funding (CDF) for East Choiseul  in making this event a successful one.

“My heart is full of joy seeing my women excited and having their hands full with some resources that they took home to educate other women in their community,” Madada said.

Moreover, as part of the closing event of the workshop Mr Ding have handed over 60 sewing machines, 24 bales of second hand clothing and nine boats and nine engines to the women of four wards in east Choiseul as part of their incoming generating activities to enable women effectively utilize the skills  they have acquired from the workshop.

The workshop was held at the constituency development center in Kumanibae village, Choiseul province.

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