Logging closes school


Western Province’s Beulah Secondary hit hard by lack of funds and contaminated water supply

HEAVEY logging operations has led to the premature closing of Beulah Provincial Secondary school in the Western province, it is reported.

Logging activities are reported to have led to contamination of the only water source, the Ziata river and its reservoir.

Impacts of covid-19 are also said to be contributing factors to the school’s closing, with reports saying the school lacks funds

Freedom Tozaka MPA ward 10, North Vella la Vella said having the school closes its academic year very early is a sad thing.

“It is sad to hear Our Premier School owned by Western Province Government Beulah PSS to have its earlier closure. I know for sure that our innocent children will be the most victims by having their studies affected,” Tozaka said.

He said it is known that COVID impacts have contributed alot and had huge impact leading up this earlier closure of the school.

Tozaka said further to that this year all schools in the country will close their academic year early because of the Pacific Games  2023 and this will contribute alot to Beulah PSS students academic performances especially for year nine, year 11, and 12 as those are exam classes with its current issue at hand.

“We can’t blame anybody here, but only the current Western Province Government. They have never have serious plans for Beulah PSS even when I questioned the current Provincial Education Minister in recent Assembly budget meeting 2023/2024 regarding Beulah PSS future development plans,

“Even in the current Western Province Government Budget 2023/2024 nothing much to salvage the current situation to be honest,” he said.

That said, he called on the Western Province Government to find solution for this either short term or long term plans to address this serious matter by having a budget set aside for Beulah PSS.

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