Destroyed PG 2023 facilities isolated incident: NHA


THE recent destruction of a few facilities at the main stadium for the Pacific Games 2023 was described by the NATIONAL Hosting Authority (NHA) as an ‘isolated incident’.

Dr. Jimmy Rodgers, the Chairman of NHA and Secretary to the Prime Minister, clarified this during a Talk Back show at the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) yesterday.

He stated that the incident did not reflect the attitudes of the local workers and only involved one to two individuals.

He emphasized that the Solomon Islands is a happy and appreciative country that values the investments made by China, other donors, and the Solomon Islands Government in the facilities.

According to Rodgers, the project employed 600 local workers and additional workers from overseas.

However, as the work is nearing completion, the number of workers will be reduced, and some overseas workers have already returned to their countries.

In recognition of the contributions made by the local workers, the NHA plans to issue them certificates of recognition for the legacy they have left behind in the new facilities.

Recently, the Sol2023 National Hosting Authority, along with senior officers from the Labor division, conducted a question and answer session with 400 local employees who were laid off by the contractor China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC).

These workers were specifically hired for the PG2023 main stadium project.

The purpose of the session was to address any concerns and provide clarity regarding the redundancy process and the upcoming completion of the project.

The NHA affirmed that the majority of the facilities are expected to be finished by the end of August.

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