Widespread anger over report of rape


A recent alleged rape incident in Central Islands Province (CIP), Ngella, has caused widespread anger amongst communities.

The rape incident that involved a 15-year-old juvenile being accused was reported by police to occur on September 11, 2018 at the Bona settlement area near Burungia Village, South Small-Ngella (Gela Pile).

According to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Press Release, it was alleged that during the early evening of September 11, the victim’s father sent her to a nearby village at Ghumba purposely to get money for betel- nuts she had left at her uncle’s house in the morning for sale.

It was after when the victim was on her way back to their home village at Burungia the suspect caught up with her and allegedly threatened her.

“He further dragged her into the bush and allegedly raped her,” stated RSIPF’s media report.

The recent incident has now caused widespread outrage in all the surrounding communities of Ngella raising question as to what is going on amongst the new generation adding seeing the increasing trend of rape cases currently reported from the society there alone.

“The growing rape cases reported in Ngella are unacceptable having coming from a Christian society. Whatever the problem is now amongst our society, there is the need for the government and all responsible authorities to step in and address this serious concern being experienced increasing all around the country as well,” said Ngella locals expressing their disappointments on Ngella’s famous Forum (NGF).

According to the Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for CIP Superintendent Patricia Leta in RSIPF’s Press Release, she urges that community leaders, church leaders, chiefs, youth leaders, women leaders, school teachers and parents must all work together to reduce sexual offences in the society.

“It is high time that we take a leading role to protect our girls and women to reduce it in our beloved province. My good people of Central Province, we need to put a stop to this unacceptable behaviour.”

“I would like to urge all young girls and women to always avoid going by themselves at night or to isolated places. To all the male youth and men in the province, please respect our girls and women,” said PPC Leta.

PPC Leta emphasises to be reminded that rape is a very serious offence under the country’s law which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment if found guilty.

The recent matter at South Ngella was reported to Police and the suspect was arrested on the 18th of this month with understanding that investigation is currently underway.

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