Border intrusions raises health fears

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WITH continuous report of illegal entry at Solomon Islands Western Border, a new fear is now also on the rise focusing on health concern.

Observation and findings from Shortland Islands people have it that with the increasing rate of health diseases such as HIV reported cases and so in Bougainville raises alarm for the country to be cautious too seeing these unregulated visitors are usually involving themselves amongst the society of people here.

“Finding out about serious health issues such as HIV reported cases at Bougainville when visiting their country also raises concern for us apart from their usual illegal entry into the country’s territory.

“From our concern, we do not know what might occur and become a more major threat for our society in terms of our health,” warn Elders of Shortland Islands speaking to Island Sun this week.

Border entry from the western end of Solomon Islands and causing nuisance is reported to have increased compared to past years raising serious threat for locals.

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