Why COVID was costly


GOVERNOR General Sir David Vunagi believes the impact of COVID19, was exacerbated by the country’s lack of proper management, for its natural resources.

Sir Vunagi stressed this when he delivered his New Year’s speech to the nation on the 1st of January 2023.

He said the country loses money in the millions, when raw materials like mineral ores, logs and fish are exported direct to overseas markets.

“Mining and logging industries should be governed by well documented set of compliances that the national government, provincial government, resource owners and the company concerned must comply with.

“Failing that only the Logging or Mining Company benefits from the operation while all the other three parties are only regarded as incidental beneficiaries who do not seem to have legal rights to anything from the operation,” he said.

Sir David said this is especially true for the resource owners.

“I think the country should have a stable economy and unemployment should be reduced greatly if all raw materials are processed in the country. 

“The dilemma of exporting raw materials to overseas markets cost the country both money and job opportunities,” he said.

Sir David said the Provincial Governments and Resource owners should be encouraged to engage in processing of raw materials in their own areas.

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