PM to get extra $30k in PEC new proposal


PRIME MINISTER Manasseh Sogavare is awarded an extra $30,000 or 10 percent, on top of his annual salary, in the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission (PEC) proposal for 2023.

This is after a $13,000 increase is awarded to the fortnight salaries of all 50 members of Parliament.

This will give PM a new annual salary of $338.000.01.

Initially, the PM’s annual salary was $307,919.30.

This was revealed in the proposal leaked by the Opposition Group on social media yesterday.

Lyall Patovaki, in the Payroll Section in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, justified the increase by giving an example of the Prime Minister’s annual salary.

Patovaki explains that the current base salary of the Prime Minister is $11,843.05, multiplies by 26 paydays, equals to $307,919.30 for his annual salary.

The ten percent increase from his annual salary is $30,080.71.

As such, the PM’s annual salary of $307,919.30 plus the $30,080.71, results in his new annual salary of $338.000.01.

Furthermore, the Deputy Prime Minister new annual salary is $304,872.67.

The Ministers, Leader of Opposition and Leader of Independent Group to get $266,123.00.

The Deputy Speaker, Chairperson of Parliamentary Caucus, Chairpersons of Parliamentary Standing Committees to get $241,166.24 and the members to get $218,231.60.

Other benefits include:

  1. meal allowance that increases from $200 to $500;
  2. education allowance increases from $10,000 to $25,000;
  3. appointment grant increase from $10,000 to $15,000;
  4. Clothing allowance (to be differed from outfit) none, with Members to get USD$3000 while PM, DPM, Ministers and Leaders to get USD$7000.

The PEC invites MPs and beneficiaries to attend a consultation meeting on 15th February 2023 at their conference room at AJ City Mall Room 42.

The Commission is currently in the process of reviewing the Members of Parliament Entitlement Regulation.

Already, the proposed increase has attracted a lot of criticism from members of the public and Unions.

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