Western Premier reconciles with Buala community

Buala chiefs welcoming the Premier Gina at Buala village
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AN emotional reconciliation was held yesterday afternoon between the Premier of Western Province and the Buala community following the death of an Isabel man in Gizo on the afternoon of May 10, 2021.

Premier David Gina speaking at the ceremony in Buala yesterday thanked the Premier of Isabel province and the deceased’s relatives for accepting the reconciliation to be held.

He said that their initial programme was to attend the Isabel second appointed however, the unfortunate incident occurred.

Gina said he had told his delegation to cancel the trip for Isabel day, since the deceased was killed in the Western Province and rather focus on planning a reconciliation with the relatives of the deceased.

“However, the news of our trip cancellation for the Isabel day reached the Isabel premier, he called me and we talked about it, and finally we are planning to attend the Isabel day and a reconciliation will be conducted.

Gift presented to deceased relatives by Premier and his delegation

“That is why we are here a day before the second appointed celebration,” Gina said.

Gina also said the ceremony will be recorded.

Premier and his delegation came with gifts and also a token of money presented to the mother of the deceased.

Meanwhile former Member of Parliament Varian Longamei on behalf of the families and relatives of the deceased thanked the premier for their initiative to conduct the reconciliation, to mend peace between the two parties.

Mother of late deceased shock hands with PS Jeffrey Wickham of Western province

He said the ceremony will continue the strong relationship between Buala communities and the people of Gizo. 

“We are so thankful for your initiative and we accept the reconciliation from our heart,” Longamei said.