Making Borderline safe for women

HONIARA City Council Youth Division, in partnership with Plan International Solomon Islands, aims to transform Borderline Area to become a “Safe Place for Women and Girls”.

In what can be termed as “first of its kind”, Honiara City Council Club Members under the “Safer Cities for Girls”, a Project supported by Plan International Solomon Islands, carried out a Safety Walk survey to identify safety issues facing girls in the area.

Safer Cities for Girls’ Project Officer for Honiara City Council, Bratt Tohiaki Puia said the survey revealed that all women and girls in the area admitted not feeling safe in public spaces, public transport and within their own communities.

Honiara City Council, working together with the “Borderline Community Boys Club, and Girls Club” aims to re-create Borderline Setting to be a “Honiara Community Light House for the communities in and around Honiara.

He said HCC Youth Division believes that changing Borderline Community Residents’ mindset has the potential to bring about positive outcomes to Honiara City and its communities.

“Borderline”, just outside Honiara City, is a Community dominated by self-employed and unemployed people. It’s a rough neighbourhood even by local standards and the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force officers would have difficulties entering the neighbourhood, and only do so in groups and never at night.

The “Safer City for Girls’ Project”, comes as a result of a survey conducted by an “independent team of locally –based researchers”.

The Project was executed in two phases covering White River, Rove, Mbokona in West Honiara, and Borderline, Kukum, King George School, Panatina in East Honiara.

In early May, 2021, HCC Youth Division carried out a “clean-up campaign” at Borderline communities to provide high visibility to display the Project so that people may give their support towards it. 

In response, community leaders, church leaders, chiefs and people who are residing at Borderline have pledged to work closely with the HCCYD and its Youth Clubs to ensure that the course of the Project is fully implemented.

Safer Cities for Girls Project is supported by funding from Australia Non-Government Cooperation Program and implemented by Plan International Solomon Islands in Partnership with Honiara City Council and YWCA


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