LOs plan to shut down Honiara’s largest reservoir if government fails to review lease agreement


Landowners of Honiara’s largest water supply reservoir have threatened to close down the source over disagreements with the national government.

Paramount Chief of Haumbata Haniguana, Haumbata Taonavoa tribe, Chairman and Trustee of the Kongulae Water Source, Charles Keku Chilivi said they will shut down the supply if Government fails to review its lease as ordered by the supreme law of the High court of the Solomon Islands.

Mr Chilivi told the paper yesterday this is the resolution voted in a meeting on Saturday, between the landwners (LO) of the Kovi catchment area and five trustees of Kongulae Water source at Kouvare, West Honiara.

He said both parties have come to an agreement that the outstanding issues of Kongulae must be settled before any development can take place in the area.

“Trustees of the Kongulae Water source is currently observing a court order that’s still effective till today.

The court made aware the Solomon Islands Government that they must settle our arrears with the review its lease.

“Therefore the government settled our arears but to review the lease is still out of their topic and concern till today.

“That’s why we boycott the official ground breaking that took place last week at the Kongulae Water source,” he said.

He added, failure to comply with the matter will result in the shutting down of the supply for areas and outlets around Honiara.

“The resources owners and trustees did not agree to be part of the programme because they also avoid us to be part of the programme. If water is one of the impotent mechanisms in the capital I believe the Government should further consider the matter seriously.

“It’s an order from the High court-Supreme Law in the country to review the leash. So this means no reviewing of the leash means there will be no development taken place on site. There will be no development and infrastructure taking place at the Konguale water source unless the court order is met.

“So we are still waiting for the Government to respond on the matter but if the negligence remains as usual we will shut down the supply as soon as possible.

“We intend to shut down the source because we can’t wait any longer for a lot of fake promises and sweet talks,” Chilivi added

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