Stay away from problems: Police warns


DEPUTY Commissioner  Juanita Matanga has called on communities in Malaita to stay away from involving in any stand-off and allow the democratic process to take place.

She said ahead of the election for a new Premier for Malaita today, Police are currently in Auki to monitor the situation in case anything may arise to disturb peace and security in Auki.

She said that police are not taking sides of any political group but are there in Auki to maintain Law and order for the people in Auki.

“We are there in terms of policing we are not involving in politics, our job is to ensure that peace and stability is maintained in Auki”, Matanga said.

She said police presence in Auki is a normal way of policing making sure that innocent people are safe from any situation that may arise,

She said if people are not happy with the process take a legal action.

Matanga also acknowledges the action taken by the former premier for applying for a judicial review regarding the process.

“As leaders it is our responsibility that what we do we abide by the rule of law”, Ms Matanga said.

Therefore, she urges leaders, church leaders, women leaders, youth and political leaders in Malaita to work together and let alone the democratic process take place peacefully without violence.

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