Warrant of arrest out for man charged with domestic violence


Court has issued a warrant of arrest on a man accused of domestic violence.

Steven Haukui is charged with one count of domestic violence.

Prosecution yesterday told court that an old warrant of arrest was still to be carried out on the accused because they could not find him.

Court issued a new warrant, instructing police to find Mr Haukui and arrest him as soon as possible.

Defence also told court that the accused could not be reached. Haukui’s mobile phone has been switched off the whole time, defence told court.

Court adjourned for September 27 to give time for police to execute the warrant of arrest.

Police alleged that defendant Steven Haukui and the complainant were husband and wife. Both lived at Mbokona, powerhouse area.

It was alleged in Honiara on February 23, 2023 Haukui physically abused the complainant by doing a conduct that caused her bodily pain.

He allegedly slapped her right-side cheek and dragged her down the ladder and cut her back with a hand saw and kicked her forehead twice and punch her left jaw using both of his hand close fist and leg.  

Matter was later reported to the Central Police Station on March 10, 2023, the defendant was arrested and charged accordingly.

Police prosecution appears for the Crown and Public Solicitor Office appears for the defence.

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