Court grants bail for pastor and two-co-accused


Court has granted bail for a pastor and two co-suspects who are accused of terrorising a village in Savo island in February this year.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea granted bail for Pastor Bana, Rolland Fiu and Charles Bane on Tuesday this week at the Magistrate Court.

However, court refused the principal bail in which defence counsel Rochella Palmer sought the court’s discretion over.

Instead, court imposed that the surety for the three accused pays a cash bail of $500 before they were allowed bail.

Court further imposed bail conditions on Bana, Fiu and Bane to reside at Henderson, to report to Henderson Police station every Monday from 8am to 5pm, not to leave Guadalcanal Province without the leave of the court, the surety to pay a cash bail of $500, always attend to court whenever their case listed, not to interfered with the crown witnesses and not to commit any more crime but remain as a law-abiding citizen.

Court suspended the matter for today Friday, for Pre-Trial-Conference (PTC) and for Junior Rollin to take his plea on the charge of possessing a firearm during the incident.

The nine accused namely, Pastor Bernard Bana,34, Charles Bane,72, David Bane,35, Junior Rollin,27, Thomas Fenli,37, Albert Ramo,21, Rolland Fiu,41, Patterson Iugasia, 38, and Jacob Gore,47, are jointly charged with Criminal Trespass and Malicious Damage.

All the accused pleaded not guilty.

Iete Tebakota of Police Prosecution Department act for the Crown and Rochelle Palmer of PSO represent Pastor Bernad Bana, Rolland Fiu, Albert Ramo, Charles Bane and Junior Rollin and Bobby Harunari of PSO represent Thomas Fenli, Patterson Lugasia, Jacob Gore and David Bane.

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