Warrant of arrest for accused in drugs case cancelled


Court has cancelled the warrant of arrest issued to one of the accused in a case involving allegations of attempting to export illegal drugs.

Beatrice Umea had a warrant of arrest issued out for her when she did not turn up in court in a previous session.

On April 11, Umea and her co-accused, Etekia Kauai turned up in court.

The duo were supposed to take their pleas yesterday but Umea is still without a lawyer and Kauai’s lawyer did not turn up.

Therefore, court adjourned the case for April 26.

Bail for both was extended.

The two are charged in relation to an allegation on June 19, 2019 at the Henderson International Airport.

Prosecution alleged the accused packed eight packets of marijuana inside a speaker in 20 cm by 20 cm plastic bags. This was taken to the airport, where accused Umea was on check-in duty for Solomon Airlines.

It was further alleged that Kauai took the package to Umea and she accepted the package as unaccompanied luggage, but tagged the package to a passenger whom she had already checked in.

When the package went through the screening, suspicious arose, the speaker was unscrewed and the packets of Marijuana were found, before it was loaded onto the flight.

The police then arrested both the accused and charge them jointly for one count of attempting to export a dangerous drug under the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Public Prosecutor Steward Tonowane act for the Crown and Mr. Lappy Hite act for Etekia Kauai.

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