Case of 22-yo man charged with rape heads to High Court for trial


The case against a 22-year-old man accused of sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl has been committed to the High Court for trial.

Cedric Kito is facing one count of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 15.

The case will be first called at the High Court on April 26.

Kito had pleaded not guilty in the previous occasion, and prosecution submitted to the court its committal disposition.

Magistrate court ruled that there is sufficient evidence to commit the matter to the High Court for trial.

Remand for Kito was extended for April 26.

Prosecution alleged in October 2023 the alleged victim went to spend the holidays with her uncle at Tenaru, east of Honiara.

In November 2023, Kito was invited by the victim’s uncle to his residence at Tenaru to massage another person for a head illness.

On November 7, 2023 at the uncle’s residence, the alleged victim was instructed by her uncle to light a mosquito coil at a downstairs room where Kito would be sleeping.

Between 9pm and 10pm the victim lit the mosquito coil at the accused’s room and walked back to the veranda and sat there watching movie.

While the victim was still at the veranda, Kito walked out from his room and told the victim to remove the mosquito coil from his room saying it was not good for him.

Allegations continue that the victim then went into the accused’s room to remove the mosquito coil. But Kito approached her from behind and held her tight, removing the mosquito coil from her hand and turning her face towards him. He told her to remove her clothes.

The victim was shocked, allegations say, as she had not expected the accused to do such a thing. The alleged victim refused, so Kito removed her clothes himself along with his, and performed sexual intercourse on her.

After Kito had finished with his activity, he told the alleged victim not to tell anyone then let her go.

Few days later the alleged victim returned to town and reported the matter to her parents, and they reported it to police.

The case was investigated and Kito was arrested and formally charged.

Martha Mutukera for Crown and Roria Sikua for accused.

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