SIEC launches new-look website


Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) launched its newly look and official website for information for public digital users on Friday April 12.

The newly upgraded website aims to provide broader and background information on the elections.

The website is a commendable effort by the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission.

As the country approaches its 12th government and provincial assembly elections, it’s essential for citizens to have access to comprehensive information about the electoral process, candidates and relevant issues.

This will help voters make informed decisions and actively participate in shaping the future of the nation.

The website serves as a valuable resource in ensuring transparency and promoting civic engagement during this critical time.

The commitment to transparency, accessibility and voter empowerment demonstrated through the launch of the digital platform is truly commendable  by providing easily accessible information about the electoral process.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is fostering trust in the democratic process and empowering citizens to engage meaningfully in their nation’s governance.

This dedication to transparency and accessibility is essential for building a strong and inclusive democracy where every voice is heard and every vote counts.

The website will serve as a cornerstone for all electoral resources, providing comprehensive details on the joints Election, voter registration, election process and the upcoming events.

It intends to be the one stop portal where citizens include Media, youth, tertiary students can do insightful updates and comprehensive information about their electoral rights and duties.

The newly refresh website also provide quick access to all polling stations locator, the joint election results and election statistics.

Website key features include;User friendly Navigation: easy access to essential information, ensuring that our people can quickly find what they need when they need it.Comprehensive voter information:Election insights: up-to date information on past and upcoming election candidate lists, and election results.Education resource: materials and resources to educate and encourage, informed participation in our democratic process.Accessibly: ensuring that our website is accessible to all, and for people with disabilities. This is a priority for us with our commitments in our digital transformation and electoral reforms and is in keeping with our commitment in our Gender Equality and Social Inclusion GESI) policy. Striving to have social inclusion responsive program and service that supports the equal participation of people with disabilities in decision making and governance.

Chief Electoral officer Jasper Highwood thanks the electoral Information Communication Technology (ICT), SIG ICT service agencies for their timely effort in embracing the latest digital transformation and strategic project for swiftly and efficiently coming on board to facilitate the migration.

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