Election for new premier for Malaita province today in Auki


Glen Waneta or Martin Fini could be Malaita province’s next premier, today.

Mr Waneta (MPA for ward 8, Maluu, North Malaita constituency) is the former executives’ nominee, and Mr Fini (MPA for ward 3, Buma, West Kwara’ae constituency) is the candidate for the former non-executives.

MPA for ward 3 (Buma), Martin Fini.

Fini was the mover of the motion that successfully dethroned former premier Daniel Suidani on Tuesday this week.

The election for new premier today will be held by way of secret ballot in the provincial chamber in Auki at 9.30am.

Speaker Ronnie Butala told SunAuki that as of 4pm yesterday, his office has received two nominees for the election.

Waneta is nominated by MPA for ward 21 of Small Malaita constituency, Dickson Pola and MPA for ward 24 of West Are Are, Peter Clay Taraumae.

Fini is nominated by MPA for ward 14 of Fataleka constituency, David Solo Baerara and MPA for ward 22 of Small Malaita constituency, Martin Mae.

Butala said his office has accepted the nominations.

He said the election is expected to take an hour, after that the new premier will be announced.

Both candidates have served up to three terms each in the Malaita provincial assembly and have experience in the province’s politics.

Fini’s camp reportedly has the majority of the house with 17 MPAs, while Waneta’s 16 MPAs.

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