Wake up agriculture in Makira

DEAR EDITOR, I have read with great interest stories about farmers on Guadalcanal and Malaita being assisted by agriculturists to learn new skills in farming techniques.

I am very happy this is done for my fellow farmers. I am very sad however, that this is not the case for us the farmers of Makira-Ulawa Province.

Our officers are sitting idle and not interested in giving us such opportunities.

In this era of climate change affecting our traditional crops, I want to make a strong call on our officers to look for ways to help us.

I have visited the Kira Kira office and asked in the recent months and the advice was for me to report to an officer based in my area of east Makira.

Sadly, with due respect, my efforts were futile because the officer seems uninterested in doing his work.

It seemed our officers are just there for their salary and nothing else.

I would like a change of attitude from these officers because we are at the peril of climate change.

It is not a time to continue to be complacement but to be proactive.

Thank you for the opportunity to raise my concerns.

Matthew Sau,

Tawaroga village

East Makira

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