Time for change

DEAR EDITOR, this is a call for change of leadership in Gao-Bugotu constituency by one Stephen Mazza in one of your recent publication.

In fact it was understood and worth considered as we prepare to go to the polls again in early next year.

I believe, as far as all the literate and right minded people of Gao-Bugotu are concerned, the constituency is still looking in terms of tangible developments.

Developments that could be of benefits to the livelihood of GB constituents are yet to be seen of felt.

In other words, most people in GBC are yet to see real mind-convincing changes within their own lives, their own societies and constituency as a whole development plans under the current MP’s leadership for the last 12years doesn’t make any impacts at all on lives of the majority of the people in GBC.

While some may be benefiting very much under his leadership, it was crystal clear many voters are still struggling for better life. Dishing out of assistance and funding of projects is always unfair and is still an issue in GBC.

It evidently seems, the MP is cantering and prioritising his focus on his voters only and no the rest of the populace in GBC that he’s been mandated to represent. I therefore, sees it fit and thinks it’s timely to join others in signalling the urgent need for change leadership in GBC coming January election. GBC needs change for the better. GBC meeds a more visionary leader with great plans for a better and brighter future. GBC needs a leader that unites people and not division, that is a leader that cares for all, not selective.

GBC needs a creative leader who can be able to tap in funding’s to support the livelihood of its people, not always relying on the governments rural constituency development fund, and the list goes on.

As responsible people of Gao-Bugotu, we must break the systematic chain of the right getting richer and the poor getting poorer by responsibly electing a qualify leader that can narrow that gap.

I’m appealing to youths within GBC in the strongest term as well to be seriously responsible and fully committed in our decision makings and choose right quality leader that can help deliver us a better tomorrow in this upcoming elections.

Enough of being manipulated all the time and for always bowing down to the influence of the dying generation when it comes to making decision on matters of interests and concern.

We (youths) really need to take a stand and actively lead the call for change, because we ae the backbones of our various communities and certainly we are what matters tomorrow.

The choices we will make in this coming election will certainly determine our future destiny for the next four years and its likely impact thereafter, whether it be for better or for worse. So let us vote responsibly, consciously and wisely for our future. Consider change if we are to see Gao-Bugotu constituency prosper in the coming years ahead.


BS Junior


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