TRC report

DEAR EDITOR, since the launching of the 5 volumes of the TRC report by the Lilo government in 2012.

There has never been an attempt to allow the TRC Commissioner to inform the government to set up the CRP committee (comprehensive reparation plan) on what has to be done in the implementation on the recommendation for the Rehabilitation Reparation programme for the victims of the ethnic tension.

Unfortunately, it seems that our MPs of the government have never spoken or mention anything about the TRC report for the past six years.

However If they could have look into it, they should have now set a budget or seek funding for these recommendation.

As a concern victim in the crises, may I call on the Prime Minister and the leaders of this nation that we should also bear in mind that ignorance on very serious issue can cause an uprising in any country, which we don’t want to see.

We have experience that eighteen years ago in 1998 – 2000.

Our nation was named as a failed state by an Australian reporter.

We were almost down to ground zero. There was bloodshed.

The reason was, cos past government leaders have ignore sensitive issues and concerns raise by our indigenous people of this country.

A wound must be treated with proper antibiotic, otherwise more bacteria of politics will seriously infect the wound that could be harmful and unhealthy for this nation.

Forgetting and failing and deliberately ignoring the TRC report, could create a very serious problem.

Generally speaking, we should also be reminded and consider. When victims are silent, it doesn’t mean that they have forgotten the past; No, they’re waiting patiently and hoping for the government’s response, in fulfilling their promises to them.

A number of cases, it has been painful and heartbreaking to those hoping victims from the tension who have to died, without receiving his or her reparation rehabilitations benefits from the government.

Due to the fact, the government have delayed and prolong these recommendations that they should have benefit from.

Imagine, think about it, If you government leaders would put on one of those victims shoe. How would you feel… when hope is gone. This is realitiy.

Therefore the government must set up the CRP committee and get to work and try to implement what has to be done according to the recommendation in the TRC report.

Many times, speeches were given by honorable ministers. Begging victim to forget the pass. Yet the question is… have you done what you promise them..?

The United Nation General Assembly has adopted the “Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violation of International Human Rights Law and Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law” (Resolution 60/147 of December 2005)

As Solomon Islands is a member of the United Nations, the government is obliged to provide adequate effective and prompt reparation for its victims according to the International human rights law.

Those victims from the tension have the constitutional right even to sue the government for failing and delaying to implement recommendation from the report.

The TRC act that was passed by the National Parliament on 28 August 2008, must be respected.

The Governor General New Year message 2018 was clear that peace is still fragile.

In other words, there are issues from the ethnic tension that must be address.

Issues that could hinder the peace building process for lasting peace in our nation.

We have donors who a willingly want to assist Solomon Islands government to resolves its financial obstacles to address these long outstanding issues.

However there is lack of confidence from these donor partners towards our government. The fear is that these funds could be misuse as seen in some cases.

Some ministries have not demonstrated transparence and accountability when handling funds.

MPs are using constituency funds for their own benefits and claiming them for constituency purposes and the list goes on.

This is bad reputation. Corruption has to be stop.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Peace Truth and Reconciliation seems to have no power to address these outstanding ethnic tension issues anymore. When in fact the ministry was purposely set up and given mandated to take care of the ethnic tension relating issues. So to be clear, can the Government inform the public, which government ministry is responsible to take care of these issues..? These a sensitive matter that needs attention to the Government by the people of this nation.

In conclusion, the 3rd volume in the TRC report page 760/761 are reparation programme that must be implemented.

I suggest the current government therefore, should look into this or review and start making some serious discussion and considerations.

By doing so, this will be a big relief to those victim from the bloody ethnic tension a hope that has come true.

To lead is to serve. God bless Solomon Islands.


Andrew fioga



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