Voters encouraged to go back and vote in their constituency


ELIGIBLE voters are encouraged to go back to their constituencies to vote for their leader.

A concerned man from North East Guadalcanal says he is making this this call because from information that he had gathered, many constituents from Northeast Guadalcanal are planning to move out to register elsewhere even as far as Malaita and Central islands province.

He said from what he gathered, people were not happy about the current leadership style.

He said they also alleged that there is discrimination in how projects are disbursed.

“I like to call on all eligible voters especially those who want to move out that to run away, will not solve our problem of developing our constituency.

“Because when you move out to register and vote in other wards and constituencies, firstly you are neglecting our place and constituency which we need to work together to develop.”

He says when the people go out to register and vote in other constituencies, they will delve into the shares of the people of the said constituency, causing inconvenience to the people there.

“And thirdly the Electoral law does not allow one to register and vote in another ward or constituency outside his/her principal place of residence. So if you break the law there are penalties.”

He appealed to all eligible voters of NE Guadalcanal that were not registered in the 2014 National General Election to come to their right mind and register in their principal place of residence.

The concerned man from NE Guadalcanal says there are also Members of Parliament from different provinces luring people from NE Guadalcanal with cash to go and register and vote in their constituency.

“If you are not happy with the current leadership, do not run away from our home constituency. We must come together to work out the best alternative leadership to work with in devising a new strategy to develop our constituency and shape our common future”.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) however has an Omission and Objection period whereby members of a constituency can submit a claim of objection to delete any name appearing on the voters list that they believe should not be on the list.

Public inquiries will be held to investigate claims of objection and these inquiries will determine whether to remove or retain names on the final voters list.

Votes are encouraged to claim objection if they see something not right in the voters list during the Registration period.

Voter registration exercise has been moved from August to September 2018.

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