Tangarare ward celebrate GP 2nd appointed day

PROVINCIAL Member for Ward 4 and Premier of Guadalcanal Province Anthony Veke hosted the event for his constituents. It was a day of festive social activities and celebrations.

Thousands of people turn out to celebrate Guadalcanal 2nd Appointed Day at Tulagi Primary School located in Tangarare Ward 4 over the weekend.

The day started off with processioning to the event grounds, official speeches, feasting, traditional and contemporary dancing.

A women representative delivering her speech thanked Premier Veke for his leadership and all that he has achieved and done for his people of Tangarare Ward, Guadalcanal province and the country as a whole.

“Mothers are the bedrock of societies, our struggles are real, our tears are real, our pains are real. We want to thank you (Premier Veke) for all you have done for us mothers one way or the other,” she expressed.

“We understand the limited financial resources at the disposal of provincial members, yet our Ward Member and Premier never failed to see to our needs.

Premier Veke and Community Chiefs.

“Most times he simply avail his time to listen and provide words of advice as mitigating strategies for our struggles, he does not believe in cash nor hand out cash as means to end our struggles. This is the kind our leader we want and need.”

In delivering his speech, Premier Veke thanked his people and their community leaders for the impressive turnout.

Veke then went on to highlight challenges faced and achievements attained by his current government.

“We – your government- are working hard to rectify these challenges within our means.”

In terms of successes, the results speaks for themselves, GPG send our people to Canada, GPG sponsored students at SINU, successfully hosted Guadalcanal Weaving Festival and other important leaders Summits and Dialogue to mention a few.

He then went on to highlight successful projects such as schools and clinics and programmes initiated for Ward 4 and encouraged his people to work hand and glove for more successes.

Flag Raising.

Chiefs, community elders, Church reps and youth reps all express gratitude to Veke for bringing the celebration down to the grassroots level.

Although some political rivals planned to disrupt the event, celebrations went well without any disturbance. The presence of Guadalcanal Police Officers ensures peace and order.

All 21 Ward members of Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly celebrated 2018 GP 2nd Appointed Day in their respective wards. This is to give them opportunity to report back to their people the successes of Guadalcanal Provincial Government before House dissolves at the end of this year.


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