Gizo welcomes Pacific Eden



WESTERN provincial capital town today welcomes the biggest cruise boats from Carnival Australia to the island capital.

The mega cruise boat, Pacific Eden which carries 2200 passengers for the seventh time will grace the shores of Gizo this morning with passengers expected to visit Gizo Island and other venues near Gizo during the ship’s eight-hour stopover.

Western Province Chief Tourism Officer Jefferson Patovaki yesterday said that today Gizo will witness the arrival of a cruise ship making its annual voyage again into our shores this year.

“We will close the section of road that begins here at the MSG building to the BSP building today, as it would only allow for pedestrians and a brief welcome ceremony will be stage here in front of the Gizo Hotel upon the landing of the first tender boat.

“Gizo Community High School students this year will highlights traditional shows includes Cultural and Modern, King and Queen Shows.

“Tomoko a traditional war canoe will escort the first tender to the shores at 8am to be greeted by warriors to welcome representative from the Carnival Australia.”

He said that other tourism sites that have been identify for tourists to visit is at Saeragi Village, Kennedy Island, Fat Boys, Njari, Imagination Island Resort, Oravae, Epanga and other tourism sites within Gizo.

He said that around 50 tour guides consisting of boat drivers, taxi drivers, volunteers, and craft vendors have prepared to accompany the visitors.

This is the seventh time Pacific Eden is visiting Gizo.

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