Vote against premier Kikolo on March 21

Isabel Premier Leslie Kikolo.
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PREMIER of Isabel Province Leslie Kikolo is facing a motion of no confidence on 21st March.

Clerk to the Provincial Assembly, Kenneth Havilegu confirmed in a notice last Thursday.

Kikolo welcomed the motion and says he’s ready to defend all the allegations raised against him on the floor of the Assembly in Buala.

He said the allegations have no basis at all.

“They accused me of in-complete projects, mismanagement of funds and exercising a dictatorship leadership.

“I denied all these allegations because they have no basis,” he said.

Kikolo said his government cannot do anything on new projects because of the covid-19 pandemic.

He said exercising ‘dictatorship’ leadership is not true because Solomon Islands is a democratic country.

“I am happy because the motion follows the right process,” he said.

Kikolo, a former employee of Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF), came into power in 2019.

During the Second Appointed Day in June 2021, Premier Kikolo stated that Isabel is lagging behind in infrastructure developments like road, telecommunication and wharfs in the last 37 years.

He appealed to the National Government to help his province, dubbed the “longest island”, access the much-needed infrastructures.

Kikolo is not the first premier of Isabel to face no-confidence votes.